Spiky the rescue lemon


I’m surprised to find I don’t seem to have written about Spiky before. So note to self (again): Be more disciplined about keeping this blog up to date.

Spiky is a rescue lemon, transplanted from friends M & A’s garden when it made way for a kitchen renovation. Spiky was at the time many many years old (at least 30, I believe) but was a good bearer of fruit. Rather than see him relegated to the compost, we thought we’d try relocating him. This was back in January 2017.

Spiky was so old that he’d been bent double by the wind. He was also rather large. The only way to transplant him was to execute a severe pruning. To get something resembling an upright plant meant cutting everything off except a side branch which, because of the plant’s bent-over posture, was growing upright instead of sideways. The roots were trimmed, the branches were trimmed, and Spiky was eventually transplanted to a black container and, an unreasonably long time later, into a larger blue pot.

There was no sign of life for many a month. His few remaining leaves dropped off, but we kept the faith and eventually, miraculously, some small green shoots appeared on the bare branches. Some time later again, a few flowers and eventually the first lemon. There has been sporadic flowering and fruiting since, until this month when I took a bumper crop of lemons from Spiky, some of which are in the photo at the top.  I say ‘bumper’, but that’s a relative term. He is still a small bush, in a tub, and getting only sporadic feeding and watering. Another note to self: provide more TLC, more consistently. But—not only has he survived, he’s turned into quite the productive unit. Just goes to show, never write off a lemon.

IMG_2416 - Copy
That’s Spiky in the black pot, January 2017, in A & M’s garden awaiting relocation.
2017-09-09_P1030877 Lemon resized#5
September 2017
October 2018
January 2019




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